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Questions to Ask a Web Designer

  • Do I have full usage rights to the code?
  • With us, you do. You can take your code and move it to another host or even another web designer.
  • Will my website display properly with other browsers?
  • Yes; we check to make sure it works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others.
  • Do you use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques?
  • Yes. It involves more than meta-tags.
  • If I maintain it myself, will I have to buy software?
  • No. We use mostly open source software. You or your representative can edit the HTML code using a simple text editor.
  • Can you help my business get a domain name?
  • Absolutely; the cost can be quite low.
  • Can you set up hosting?
  • Yes. Again, the cost can be very reasonable.
  • Is there an easy, cost-effective way to monitor my website traffic?
  • Absolutely; we can set that up also.
  • Do you validate your code?
  • Yes, through the W3C standards.

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